Four Hills Farm is located in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. The Kathadin sheep we raise are hardy and thrifty.  They have been refined through years of breeding to produce mild flavored, gourmet quality meat from a pasture based production system. Katahdin sheep are an American Heritage breed.
We are call our Katahdin lamb “New American Lamb” because we believe they are a unique and up-coming breed offering many favorable attributes to the American lamb market. These sheep thrive on a forage based diet, lamb outside on their own, and, most importantly, produce an excellent gourmet quality meat. They are a hair sheep breed which means they do not have to be sheared. They shed their winter coat naturally. This contributes to their mild flavor due to no lanolin production from wool. Katahdin sheep are smaller than traditional American-raised wool sheep.The chops and roasts will be smaller resulting in lower costs for each cut of meat. 

Gourmet Quality New American Lamb is:
• Delicious!!!
• Lean and tender with just the right amount of finish for great flavor and excellent cooking quality
• Raised on pasture for high levels of beneficial CLA and favorable Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acid ratios
• Produced on family farms in Kentucky

We produce our lambs with:
• A farming system is based on excellent pastures, rotational grazing and free range animal production
• All vegetarian feed
• No feedlots, antibiotics, added hormones or steroids  used
• Product traceability and quality production assurance systems in place

Contact us by email or call us at (859) 865-4962.

Contact us by email at or call us at (859) 865-4962.

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